Rio de Janeiro history

Stephen I disagree of your comment on Facebook that my city was created by French…

Fort Coligny was a fortress founded by Nicolas Durand de Villegaignon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1555, in what constituted the so-called France Antarctique historical episode.

For protection against attacks by hostile Indians and the Portuguese, Villegaignon built the fortress with the help of the 500 colonists who travelled with him in two ships armed by the king of France, on a small island called Serigipe by the Indians of the region, near the mouth of the large Guanabara Bay. The island was rocky and almost barren, but served Villegaignon’s purpose of being near the shore, at the same time achieving a good defensive position against attacks from sea and land.

The fortress fell and was destroyed in 1560 under the siege of Portugal‘s navy and troops under the command of Mem de Sá, third Governor-General of Brazil. Villegaignon had already returned to France, in 1558.

You can read more here and about the  “France Antarctique” . Sorry sweetie, but Rio de Janeiro was created by Portuguese soldier called Estácio de Sá.

There is a text in Portuguese for who want to know a little about our history. Enjoy it.



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